Un projet international par et pour les jeunes

Lycée Constant





Murathènes est un projet d’échange et de pratiques musicales entre deux groupes de jeunes européens et réfugiés en Europe.

Le projet constitue l’initiative de jeunes initialement du territoire du Cantal en partenariat avec l’organisme Project Elea basé au camp Eleonas à Athènes.

 Il vise à porter une dynamique de pairs à pairs “par et pour les jeunes” autour de la construction des identités et du vivre ensemble à travers l’entrée musicale ; et plus précisément la musique traditionnelle.


Projet Elea

Projet Elea est le principal partenaire de Murathènes

Project Elea Project Elea is a group of volunteers from around the world who have come together to work collaboratively with the residents of Eleonas Refugee Camp in Athens to improve living standards and community well-being. Approved by the Greek Ministry of Migration and working independently within the camp, the project is a long-term one. In addition to providing basic services such as food & clothing distribution enormous emphasis goes into creative engagement through a varied schedule of activities (10-12 per day) focusing on education, sports, culture, environment and skill-sharing for both children and adults. The objective is to make the endless time residents spent at the camp more pleasant, positive and productive. Our vision is to help create an environment of peace, stability, with a strong sense of community and pride as well as to empower the refugees to stand on their feet so that they can begin rebuilding their lives and their families on solid foundations, with hope and inspiration for the future. Project Elea provides: food & clothing distribution, creative engagement, sports activities, a culture centre playground, activities for children, skill-sharing workshops, basic infrastructure improvements, storage management, waste management & recycling Eleonas Refugee Camp.